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Scala Developer

Zwolle, Netherlands

Scala Developer

Zwolle, Netherlands

About Wehkamp

Are you in for a surprise? 

  • Did you know that Wehkamp, that brand that started more than 65 years ago, and delivered you a thick Shopping Catalog twice a year, currently runs an e-commerce operation on a state-of-the-art Micro-services platform?
  • Did you know Scala is the top Language in the Github Repo for
  • Did you know we send more than 11.000.000 packages a year to our customers?

Job description

At wehkamp tech, we are not simply working on a website, we are working on a microservices platform consisting of 140+ microsites and microservices, most of them hosted in our AWS environment. On a regular day, you will find out that we have infrastructure-as-code (Terraform), we use the Lightbend Reactive Platform (Akka, Scala), make use of a large Databricks cluster for all our Machine learning and data processing, and we are migrating towards Kubernetes for Container Orchestration. Sounds like an exciting technological environment, right?

Next to that, we are developing our platform in such a way that we are able to handle multiple e-commerce environments, with as much synergy as possible. As you can imagine, this makes us rethink everything we did before. A big challenge, with major opportunities to stand out as a company, and a nice setting to grow as an employee.

You will join our organization which is big in figures like sales, goods moved & employees, but cosy when it comes to working together in a team. We believe in getting the best out of people if we offer them an environment in which they are able to just be. We offer a safe working environment by promoting a blameless culture, where mistakes are handled as facts, and it is all about the things we learn from it.

What your agenda looks like:

  • 09:30-09:45 Standup with the team;
  • 09:45-10:30 Unplanned meeting, where you stick around after standup with 2 of your colleagues to analyse a problem your colleague encountered, and make sure he can continue his work;
  • 10:30-12:00 Time to Code!
  • 13:00-13:30 Refinement about the newest topic we need to pickup
  • 13:30 and on Time to Code! Of course you will check Slack once in a while to check-in with colleagues and stay aware of whats going on in our organisation.


What we expect from you to get excited about:

  • Delivering software which delivers new features to our customers;
  • Give a demo about the way you avoided split brain issues with parallel akka actors;
  • Pair programming with your colleague from the team;
  • Explore a solution direction together with the team for the newest idea from the Product Owner;
  • Build unit tests and incorporate them in the CI/CD pipeline for the project
  • Writing Code!

What we at least expect from you:


  • Experience as a Back-end or Full-Stack Developer, on the job experience with Scala, Java AND/OR Kotlin;
  • Experience with DevOps and Agile/Scrum;
  • Experience in E-Commerce is a pre.

What we would like you to be like:

  • You are into Tech. You are aware of changes in your profession, but also keep track of changes which could influence the tech we use;
  • You like to work together, and you are able to give and receive feedback in a constructive manner;
  • Happy to work with Agile & Scrum, and contribute to our way of working by keeping everybody sharp, what is actually Agile and what not. Also we would like to actively contribute to improving the way we use agile & scrum.

Which skills and traits give you an edge in this role:

  • You are proactive and combine that with ownership and responsibility. Set-backs or blockers don't stop you from making progress. You see them as a challenge to deal with;
  • You can write code, but can also explain to non-technical people what you are doing;
  • You are able to write and run tests for your code, and are able to guarantee it works;
  • You are able to use team tools like Jira, Confluence, Slack to communicate in a world where remote working is embedded;
  • You are able to understand how your code affects security, performance, functionality and robustness of the application.

What’s in it for you? 

  • A salary between €4.000,- and €5.000,- depending on your experience;
  • 25 vacation days;
  • Low employee contribution for your pension scheme;
  • Bonus;
  • Work from home allowance;
  • 8.5% holiday allowance;
  • Employee discount;
  • Obviously excellent facilities (telephone/laptop/screens/etc.)
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Application process

Transparency is very important in the application process. After you expressed your interest with your application, you will immediately receive a link to a personal status page, in which you can find your status of your application and all communication.

What happens after your application?
We want to make it a swift and easy experience. Therefore, we will make use of video calls during the process. The process for this vacancy is as follows:

  1. Do your expectations and our wishes match? Then we will invite you to a video call with the recruiter.
  2. When we both are positive, we'll invite you for a video call with our Head of Financial Products. 
  3. Next we will invite you for videocalls with important stakeholders (e.g. our Product Owners)
  4. As a final step, we wil invite you to our office to give you the real Wehkamp experience. As you have learned a lot during the earlier video calls, this is te moment that everything comes together.

When we are positive afterwards, we will make you an offer.

Are you interested in this position? Respond immediately so that we can contact you!

Wehkamp aanvaardt geen ongevraagde hulp van intermediair/ uitzendbureaus of andere derden voor deze vacature. Toegestuurde cv’s (in welke vorm dan ook) door genoemde partijen aan enige medewerkers van Wehkamp zonder geldige schriftelijke zoekopdracht van onze HR Afdeling, worden beschouwd als publieke informatie. Er zal aan genoemde partijen geen vergoeding zijn verschuldigd in geval van een kandidaat wordt aangenomen van wie ongevraagd het cv en/of andere gegevens zijn toegestuurd.  


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